PolarizationRHCP and LHCP
RF high band I/P Frequency Range11.45~ 12.2GHz
IF low band O/P Frequency Range950 ~ 1700MHz
LO1 Frequency 10.5GHz
RF high band I/P Frequency Range10.95 ~ 11.2GHz
IF low band O/P Frequency Range1900~ 2150MHz
LO2 Frequency 13.1GHz
Noise Figure0.8(max)dB
LO Initial Accuracy@25℃±1MHz
LO Temperature Drift@-20~+70℃±2.0MHz
LO Phase Noise @ 1K Hz,@ 10K Hz,@ 100K Hz-50 ,-80,-95dBc / Hz
Gain Flatness over any 24MHz band(pk-pk)1(max)dB
over any 36MHz band(pk-pk)1.5(max)dB
over any 250MHz band(pk-pk)2.5(max)dBc / Hz
over any 250MHz band(pk-pk)6(max)dBc / Hz
Conversion Gain Range,absolute52-65dB
Output Return Loss10(min)dB
System Cross-Pol Isolation within circle of 56 deg(60cm) and 0.38(90cm) deg about boresight,Dish Antenna+LNBF20(min)dB
Image Rejection40 (min)dB
O/P 1 dB Compression Point5 (min); ﹤3 if gain﹤60dB dBm
Polarization Control Voltage Range to LNBF 
Left-hand Circular Polarization (over Temperature)14.5 ~ 21V
Right-hand Circular Polarization (over Temperature)9.5 ~ 14V
Polarization Control Current,one IRD≦220mA
Worst case component junction temperature125(max)℃
EMC 2.6GHz Spurious-60(min)dBm
EMC 54~806MHz Spurious-64(min)dBm
Working Temperature- 20 ~ + 70℃

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